…Jeans!!! Most Loved Outfit in Women’s Wardrobes…..

Women are particularly attracted to well-fitted jeans, Aren’t we?. So here’s my take on different cuts, brands &  types-

Are you blessed with long legs? Your legs may be too long for airplane seats, but, Lucky you! , almost all the jean styles suit you. Do not worry if you don’t have the perfect hour-glass figure. You can always downplay imperfections on your body. Don’t force yourself to the latest fashion trends, instead explore for jeans that match to your body type. This way, you can effortlessly look at your best, bringing attention on your finest features and hiding the odd-lot.

Here is my take on choosing various jean styles-

Skinny Jeans- As the name alludes, these are body-hugging jeans that take the clear-cut shape of your legs. they look great on Skinny/petite or people who have lean legs. They help a great deal to flatter your skinny figure.  Women who are Round/pear-shaped or who have predominant thighs, avoid them.  

Straight Leg Jeans These tend to suit most people and hence can be termed as the most popular jeans. They also feel body-hugging in the upper leg area but run straight down from the knees. If you are iffy about wearing skinny or super skinny jeans, try these on & you can never go wrong. Just as importantly, they feel super comfortable and make your legs look longer.

Boot Cut/Flared Jeans-They fit great on the upper legs and flares past calves adding volume, making your legs slimmer. These are the hot favorite across all age groups. Oftentimes tagged as old-fashioned, mom/mommy jeans. They very much benefit in the course of maternity whilst keeping you uber-chic. They usually look best on tall, curvy, round/pear shaped women. Petite and short people, avoid them.

Boyfriend Jeans-You can quite literally share these jeans with your boyfriend & hence the name! They fit well around the waist and hip area and the fit widens as we go down. They usually look best on tall, curvy, round/pear shaped women. Petite and short people, avoid them as they make you look shorter.

Few Quick tips before you pick up your jeans

  • Darker washes make your legs look thinner, lighter washes make your legs look bigger
  • If you like skinny jeans,-size down a bit, If you like boyfriend jeans-Size up.
  • Tall people-If you want to draw attention away from your legs, Try Ankle or boyfriend jeans
  • Short people- To create an illusion of long legs – Try high-waisted, plain & single wash jeans.

Our Picks

Bebe or A/X jeans- They have great fits, costs around ~100 bucks. Invest in them coz they stay new for almost a decade.

Express/BR/Topshop/asos/A&F- They carry some great jeans, costs around 30-70 bucks

Keep Shopping & Stay happy friends




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    She added: “I can’t remember anyone else who was that good in their second year, and still performing so much as second-best. She was really a leader and really an important figure to the sport in the late 1980s and 1990s.

    “The fact that she was in this final shows how important she was for the sport.”

    The first world medal for American Michael Phelps was won in Athens in 2008, but she has not won since in 2004 when she won gold in the 400m.

    “We had the same reaction of surprise and disappointment as the athletes,” she said.

    “There’s no doubt that the media took her and other athletes very well with their comments about their career, but I really think she is a very humble and humble individual who had an impressive career. She just needed the right opportunity.

    “She has taken that and gone after it without any hesitation or regrets.”

    Image copyright AP Image caption Phelps (centre) celebrates his record in Rio

    She said there were those who were dismissive of her performance in the Rio Games but that it gave other girls the opportunity to realise the dream of going to Rio.

    “I think that it changed the future of many of our girls who were hoping to go to Rio, because the girls that really had dreams of becoming world champions or world competitors now have the chance,” she said.

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    Phelps told BBC News the moment made him even happier because she knew “she made the call”.

    Image copyright AP Image caption The first world women’s double Olympic medallists were Simone Biles and Mia Sefcovic-Sewell in 2004 (left) and Michael Phelps and Lindsay Davenport in 2008 (right)

    She added: “I just remember her going, ‘If this moment was me at the Worlds of swimming it would have been great but my moment really has been just really happy’.”

    Phelps said he always liked to ask her how she felt the day before the event.

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    Car demolishes kitchen as it crashes into house in central Tokyo – video

    According to reports the police have not opened an official probe yet but they may take action against the company based in the city.

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    Neighbour Kota Heijyo told the Kanagawa Shimbun newspaper that when he first saw the debris he thought someone was cooking a hot meal inside his home.

    “I thought someone had been making hot meals all night,” he said, describing it as a “huge mess.”

    His 14-year-old son Yuval said the fire was caused by a “firework”.

    “I heard something coming out the bedroom window. Then as soon as I went outside, I saw that the fire had engulfed the entire house,” Yuval told the paper.

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    The Colombian took the lead on the final lap to take his third victory of the Giro d’Italia and take second overall to Chris Froome of Britain on a stage that was interrupted by a crash with five teams left in the final climb. Related Articles Giro d’Italia 2017: Stage 14: Froome beats Cadel Evans to summit jersey

    Cadel Evans and Bradley Wiggins chase down third stage win in Giro d’Italia

    Giro d’Italia: Sagan to lead Team Sky in GC after stage 2 crash

    Giro d’Italia: Team Sky is three seconds off its 2016 overall podium

    Mcdonald to miss national draft:

    “I’m trying to be healthy for the first time in a few years so it’s really nice that I’m going to be out there. It’s really nice to get out there. The big one, when you’re in the NCAA tournament and all that stuff is a lot of fun I’m kind of happy right now to be out here for the NCAA. It’s one game to go and that’s what I’m really looking forward to. Just kind of enjoy the journey that I’m on.”

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    13.29: A Yemeni boy who witnessed the massacre in Sana’a was killed in the air strike, medics have told Reuters, adding there were at least 15 reported casualties from the strike.

    13.19: At least 13 children were reported dead in a US air strike on Wednesday, Yemeni state media has reported, according to the AP. The children include a 6-month-old and 3-month-old, the report adds.

    13.03: As Reuters reports, at least four people have been killed in a US strike on Syria on Wednesday.

    12.47: A group of civilians have reportedly been killed in an attack on a clinic in Yemen, activists say.

    12.27: As I wrote in my previous post, the UN has released details of five Yemeni children who have now been killed in air strikes on their village of Al-Hassan, outside Sana’a, since the UN Security Council declared the Syrian conflict to be over on September 11. The children were allegedly children of doctors and nurses who were supporting anti-regime fighters.

    12.16: President Bashar al-Assad is to meet US Secretary of State John Kerry on Friday (in Saudi Arabia), with the possibility of holding a second talks with Obama.

    12.06: A Saudi attack on an apartment building in Sana’a, according to The Local, killed one person.

    11.57: Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has announced that he will give an update on a deal that was struck to stop the killing of people, including women, and children, during a UN-sponsored peace conference in Geneva next week.

    11.40: Houthi rebels seized control of Sana’a airport after fighting with the government, according to Yemeni state television.

    11.30: The US strikes and shelling of Yemen have killed at least 11 civilians in the past 24 hours, Reuters says.

    #EFP #Yemen: An airstrike kills one civilian, injures many more. #Houthi rebels now hold military airport & airport runway, the last military base in the whole country. — Sanaa News (@YemenNews) September 11, 2015

    11.15: The UN says a truce brokered by China and Russia was brokered after a “very long time”, and that it’s “very, very important that the world remains united.”

    11.12: Yemen’s UN chief, Ban Ki-moon, has announced that his country “will continue to fight for the rights of all its people regardless of their nationality, color, religion, political opinion, belief, sect or the location where they live.”

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    In addition to the obvious effect on violence, the laws may also increase police reliance on violence as an instrument of policing. These laws may lead to a greater focus on crime and criminal prosecution (or both) in response to the violent threats. They also increase the likelihood of a police officer who appears to be doing nothing more than using violence, especially when there is no evidence of an imminent threat to the public, to be prosecuted for his or her role in a criminal process.

    To the degree that these laws reduce assault, they also reduce the ability of individuals to seek retribution through their courts. Courts will typically refuse to hear charges if there is an immediate threat to the community. Such courts will likely be more inclined to respond by sentencing individuals to prison. The fact that courts will refuse to hear such cases will also encourage offenders to try again elsewhere, as it reduces the incentive for them to commit further acts of violence, and increases the willingness of the community to take steps to curtail further violence. The reduction in violence in law enforcement and the reduction in violence in courts therefore result in a reduction in the likelihood of a future crime happening.

    The above findings suggest that the Grog laws do not reduce domestic violence (although they do appear to reduce assaults), but it is important to note that these results do not extend to violent assaults as a whole. The impact of Grog laws on crime has been examined in the context of the various state policies that are used to deal with domestic violence. For example, the effect of the Grog laws on violent crime seems to be limited to California. Since California and all other states that enacted Grog laws did not reduce violent crime during the 1980s and 1990s, as these authors have concluded [21], violence in California as a whole has not been negatively affected by those laws [22]. However, violence has been reduced in other states. In a study conducted using data from the National Survey of Families and Households [23], the authors found that California had a 13% reduction in homicides of women in 1994 (compared with 1987), compared with 1987, and a 21% reduction in violent crimes, compared with 1987, compared with 1987. While other states that were not part of the Grog-States study also saw decreases, those declines were more modest (9% and 13% respectively), suggesting that the effects of the Grog laws on crime do not appear to be as large in California as reported.

    Further research is needed to better understand the effect of Grog laws on crime. Although one author suggests that Grog laws may lead to a decrease in violent crimes because women are more likely to come forward and testify to a police officer when attacked, th

    Nz canyoning survivor recounts ordeal where ‘biggest mistake’ was to allow animals to roam free

    ‘The big mistake of my life was I let the animals wander free and the wildlife died’: Cat, which had escaped from enclosure died after suffering stress and heartbreak.

    But despite her distress it was only when she and her three other male rats decided to venture outside and have sex with a squirrel that their plight was made more poignant.

    This was when the male rat managed to capture a squirrel inside the cage and then proceeded to molest the squirrel without warning or justification, a rare and disturbing event recorded on film by his human companion, a dog named Max.

    Cat-killing: This photograph showed the male rat attempting to capture squirrel while the female rat escaped from her enclosure before collapsing and dying. This picture was made in front of a local church following the incident, a day after a woman’s death in Australia

    While the male rat was able to mate with the squirrel, the female had to keep trying to avoid his attentions and ultimately fell into a life threatening state, according to Cat Rescue.

    The cat-killers’ attempts to put a positive spin on the situation were ultimately unsuccessful and the male rat suffered a heart attack and later died from his injuries.

    ‘I am not proud of the experience because what I did was wrong,’ says the cat’s keeper. ‘I wanted to help animals and help people.’

    On Sunday night, while people were watching an animal rights protest, Max had had enough.

    After watching the video of the man and the cat going at it, a large crowd gathered in front of the church, where the mother of three and her family had been attending a prayer meeting.

    The male rat’s behaviour enraged them and so they approached Max and offered to give her the cat’s cage in exchange for her silence on the incident and the death of the squirrel.

    But just then a group of six-year-old children appeared in the church holding signs saying they knew animal rights and wanted the people of Brisbane to know about the plight of animals in cages.

    Cage killer: The animal rights protest was interrupted by an outpouring of compassion, including from the woman pictured who gave Max the cage

    The women went further and demanded Max and the others be put in cages so they can all live together. The situation quickly escalated to violence, and Max, his fellow rat and dog were left in a pile of their own.

    After a frantic search, the women were able to coax the dogs and cats out of their own cage. All three were taken to a local emergency unit by the church, and the women were later given the opportunity to make a formal complaint to the Brisbane City Council.

  31. Indonesian tax expert; mental health advocate receive studious treatment

    As Indonesia grapples with escalating violence, its national psychiatry center prepares for an influx of psychotics

    KUWAIT CITY — A group of mental health workers and students is moving closer to becoming the first in the world to receive intensive medical training to help them cope with the trauma of violence.

    The center, which is being set up by the International Center for Psychotic Research (ICPR), is one of a spate of such centers that aims to give psychiatrists and psychologists the needed perspective to help victims of violence deal with it after they are safely returned to their homes.

    “In the Philippines, the center opened in December after we had received an invitation from the police director,” said psychiatrist Anwar Muhammad, who has been with the hospital for 12 years. “For them, it is about therapy with people they may have previously dealt with without therapy.”

    In contrast to other international centers, it’s not a clinical center; it’s a noncommercial facility, meaning it must first pass a stringent psychological screening process before it can provide help. There are only five centers worldwide.

    According to Muhammad, each unit provides 20 beds in the hospital, enough for at least 15 residents, some suffering from mental disorders like panic attacks, major depression and other forms of psychiatric illness. Many residents go through up to three months of intensive therapy.

    “We have a lot of patients who are severely traumatized. They’re traumatized beyond understanding that the way they have felt before is not right to them,” he said.

    One patient has not been released from hospital because his health deteriorated and was unable to get proper mental care. But most of the patients are being treated for similar psychological problems after being traumatized after coming across violent movies or other violent events.

    ‘Not enough is being done’

    The center began by focusing on a series of psychological tests that a psychoanalyst takes to determine if someone is ready to come forward and disclose about his or her experiences of trauma, or even a possible link between his or her thoughts and actions with violence.

    Muhammad is currently writing the first series of test letters, which will be reviewed in January, after several months of work in the hospital’s training center, which is part of the same community hospital in central Jakarta, a bustling city with a population of more than 7 million. The institution currently has between 150 and 250 residents.

    The center, in parallel, is developing guidelines to increase transparency and ensure that people have a fair chance to seek help.

    “These guidelines are not designed to give police officers, teachers or police officials a licence to say I am ready to tell if you were a victim of assault when you were 20, when you are 20 now

    Cmc told conflict of interests is a grey area. He said: ‘You know, we’ve got many people involved in this as well.

    ‘I think it would be wrong, but I haven’t talked to them all, and I haven’t spoken to the BBC about it, but the people responsible for this are the BBC.

    ‘I’d expect it to have a very close relationship with the BBC, you know, that doesn’t make it a conflict of interest.’

    The presenter was given a standing ovation from the BBC’s studio audience after the statement was made.

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    Newcastle North MP Andrew Bridgen has condemned “a disgusting, disgraceful act of barbarism” during an address to local residents gathered at the North End nightclub where three people were stabbed and several were injured earlier today.

    Mr Bridgen, who was travelling in his motorhome with another MP, said the incident was particularly distressing because the victims were all young people.

    “You see these young people – the ones in their 20s, they’re all going down – one of the girls is three years old and her sister’s seven. That’s just the way it is,” he said.

    In an interview today with NME News, Mr Bridgen insisted he was not surprised by the alleged attack.

    “I think we’ve got to take a hard look at what’s going on in Newcastle North. And when people become angry, then they become violent. And when that violence leads to another incident of violence, then it means there is a pattern of violence emerging around Newcastle and that’s what we all have to look at – that it’s a very serious issue here and I would like to put our efforts into dealing with it so as to deal with it as soon as possible.”

    The MP said he hoped the attack would give new energy and purpose to young people at the club because, “we need them. So this incident is very, very heartwarming.”

    He added: “I hope it will spur some sort of fresh resolve or some sort of new spirit to young people who might otherwise get depressed or lonely or angry or frightened. I think it will help them overcome that.

    “I’m sorry, but you saw these young people and they were all so scared. I have no doubt the young people were terrified, terrified of the people who were involved and now we’ve come together as a community.”

    Mr Bridgen was due to appear on The Jeremy Vine Show on Radio 4 at 9pm this evening.

    He said he was “overwhelmed and overjoyed at how quickly things have come to the notice of Newcastle City Council, the police and the community” in the wake of the incident, despite media reports that he had received death threats.

    Police say they now have CCTV evidence to demonstrate what happened at the venue, but refused to reveal further details.

    Last night, the club apologised for any upset the attack caused, saying the “most dangerous, irresponsible and ignorant person ever to be arrested in our city is on our premises”.

    Anyone with information about the attack is asked to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or text 36016, which is followed by a series of seven numbers.

    Katters party appoints shadow cabinet outside qld parliament building


    The Liberal Party is considering how to use a special chamber in Canberra to select its next leader as it prepares for what its leader believes is the best possible time for the election.

    Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey said it would also be interesting to see what sort of policies a Liberal minority government might seek from the federal government rather than simply waiting for the Senate to confirm a replacement for Abbott.

    “So how we go about trying to get those things in terms of legislation would be very interesting,” Mr Hockey told AM program.

    “It also matters how we choose to go about trying to bring together those disparate views that are in the Liberal Party.

    “So we’re definitely trying to be a part of that process in a very careful way.”

    Shadow immigration minister Chris Bowen told the ABC that it was impossible to know the details of an expected leadership spill without the election.

    “If a caucus member does decide to go on and do it, at that point it would be highly premature to suggest what policies he might wish to support in order to ensure the party’s future, but in terms of a leadership spill I think we would have to wait a while,” he said.

    Federal Opposition Leader Bill Shorten confirmed an effort was being made to draft policy and to form a small team to draft legislation in relation to the election.

    But Mr Shorten said the Liberal leadership debate would continue to occur in Australia and it was too soon to decide whether any Liberal candidates would be made available at a leadership debate in late July.

    “The Australian people expect to have the outcome they expect, they want a leadership debate of sorts and that will continue to happen,” Mr Shorten told ABC’s AM program.

    “I think there are no plans that we have to take action at this stage with regard to the leadership debate.”

    Mr Hockey said the most important question was how much time the Australian public had to see the government’s decisions being made.

    “That is where the Liberal Party’s focus right now is as we look to ensure we have a government that can bring us Australia forward from our present troubled period,” Mr Hockey told AM program.

    Topics: government-and-politics, government-and-politics, australia

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  56. Recent rains replenish sydney dams

    THE SYDNEY Morning Telegraph, 27 December 2006

    Two of Sydney’s most ancient reservoirs are about to experience renewed use as more rains fill a sydney dam system to create more groundwater.

    Celeste Williams and her family of five live on one of the dams, and live close to two of the other dams that feed into it.

    “It’s very important to have water available here because this whole area, it’s so rich with water that we need our own supply,” she said.

    “Now we are getting more regular showers and the showers come every week now.”

    Water from dams is being used by the new Sydney River dam on the Northern Powerhouse to meet a national demand to provide water to the city from its existing water supply.

    But the new dam doesn’t provide enough water, and when the reservoirs are not supplied, flooding can happen.

    The National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research says the flooding may happen as much as 75 times during the winter months for the Sydney region alone.

    The study has come to light as more water is being used to fill Sydney’s sydney dams to provide water to the city.

    The water coming from the two dams is only about a third of what’s needed, so it doesn’t take long before Sydney has to ask for more.

    Dams are being upgraded.

    Sydney Water’s Chief Executive Jim Graham said the dam improvement project will “further improve our water supply”.

    The river is now about five per cent full compared to a year ago and with the Sydney Dam now fully operational, Sydney is seeing more water coming in than ever before.

    “There are a number of good things for us which have not worked out well so far. We are working really hard to get even better things out,” Mr Graham said.

    “We are moving forward, we have a little bit of time to figure it out and we have to keep doing that.”

    City of Sydney building work shows new face of water management

    Sydney Daily Telegraph, 26 December 2006

    A new harbour plan shows the city’s water management to be a major focus.

    The city of Sydney, which is planning the construction of a harbour and new rail links between Brisbane and Sydney with a $4 billion contribution from a state government bond, has been showing off plans to provide rainwater through a series of reservoirs for the future.

    The new plan comes as an independent review into the city’s water management shows the city is not doing enough to reduce water losses and says the need for a new river dam in Sydney needs to be addressed.

    The water used to fill the dams at Sydney’s City Counci

    Sole crew survivor to give evidence at train crash inquiry – which he didn’t mention in his statement

    The inquiry found the men, from both sexes, had been on the train when the incident happened.

    Inspector Phil Smith said Mr Fergusson and another male passenger were found to be wearing what looked like blood bags – which investigators now suspect could have been used as a weapon.

    “They had these objects in them with them,” Mr Smith said.

    “It was possible there could have been more than one pair of hands, because the gloves are very tight, it would have been very difficult to get the objects onto someone’s hand.

    “When the items were found, the female passenger was apparently dead.”

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  57. Forum offers road safety say police

    A group of people are to be warned to keep a respectful distance when cycling along the busy Citywest railway route this month after three people lost their lives.

    The tragedy happened at 5.30pm on Saturday in Hainault when the driver of a car deliberately drove through pedestrians in the busy street, smashing one cyclist’s bicycle.

    Witnesses said the driver, from the city’s west suburb Eastwood, fled the scene, striking several more people before abandoning the vehicle and speeding off.

    Three people, aged 27, 29 and 49, died on Saturday in the collision and a further 37 were treated in hospital for minor injuries.

    On Monday the Metropolitan Police confirmed it was investigating the incident after two of the victims were identified as brothers.

    Detective Inspector Jonathon Wilson said: “Police have spoken to three individuals which is a clear indicator this could be an isolated incident.

    “The force was called to Westbourne Road and Ewoldham Road at 5.15pm, and found that two men had fallen off of two bikes and hit at least one other cyclist.

    “I would ask cyclists not to be too quick to put themselves at risk by cycling in a street.

    “We are extremely concerned for the safety and wellbeing of all those involved.

    “There is a clear message from the Met that these incidents need to be taken very seriously, they cannot be tolerated.”

    He added: “We have spoken to a number of witnesses, they have offered their condolences to the family of one of the deceased.”

    Detective Inspector Wilson said the driver may have been wearing a GPS unit which recorded his movements in the area, which could have allowed them to spot the victim before he hit.

    A search has also been launched into whether the GPS unit was planted, meaning it could not have been a coincidence he lost control of the wheel.

    Police urge cyclists to keep careful eyes out for any of those travelling in the area on Saturday.

    The Police Federation said any cyclist caught at any time doing anything wrong would be seriously cautioned, fined, suspended or both.

    Detective Inspector Wilson said: “These two cases are not isolated – there are always dangers associated with cycling along busy roads.

    “We are appealing to cyclists to be on the lookout and take caution with any vehicles travelling alongside or on the road, including pedestrians.

    “All motorists should make a quick assessment and always drive safely.

    “Cars are not permitted to pass through a cyclist without being given a signal.”

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  58. Elizabeth grove murder victim was on bail for funeral of former son-in-law and lawyer (VIDEOS)

    ‘The trial is now concluded.’

    Dismissing claims of a cover-up, the court said: ‘I accept that Mr McKeever’s confession was recorded during the trial itself but at no time was a tape recorded of the recording itself.

    ‘The police have never made any such recordings and neither would I.’

    Sections of the transcript were leaked to the press, including the Guardian, for the first time last week.

    The court found that the Crown had failed to investigate whether Mr McKeever’s confession could help them with Mr Bell’s case.

    The trial is now concluded in the murder of the 70-year-old’s former wife, the sister of an 80-year-old woman from Bury who also died in a horrific road crash

    Bury coroner Richard Branscombe told the jury that they had to decide the evidence they could hear about what the ‘worst day of your life’ was.

    A prosecution barrister for the defence has said it was not available when it was asked if it would be open to the jury to hear ‘the most compelling piece of information they were looking for in court’.

    Last September, Bury’s coroner ruled that Miss Bell’s body had been decomposed by a’very, very large amount of liquid’, but did not recommend a retrial, saying she was too badly burned for a jury to consider.

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  59. Darwin port lease review could jeopardise investment opportunities.”

    And indeed, it’s difficult to see the appeal.

    “Lack of competition is the real problem,” said Michael O’Brien, chairman of Cairns property advisory firm Oakbank. “The market is in danger of becoming too small and concentrated when it comes to the kind of development options you see being pushed out in the outer suburbs.

    “Any new commercial development in that area would only have a marginal effect on the number of jobs and economic activity.”

    The proposed change would bring competition to new business in the inner-west, where existing residents, even those who would be affected, tend to be concentrated. “There is a tendency for communities to go through what is called an ‘urban sprawl’, i.e. they are more densely packed and so it’s easier to develop in an area,” Mr O’Brien said.

    But he also acknowledged that the proposed change would have many negative consequences for the outer suburbs, where development is already concentrated and can only attract the best. “They will lose some of their jobs, and the impact of that will have an effect on the growth of the inner-west as well,” he said.

    While it’s not clear how much growth the project would see, Mr O’Brien’s firm has estimated that development in the Outer Hebrides would see an annual growth rate of 1.1 per cent for five years, while new investment in the region would see a growth rate of 2.4 per cent, with 10 per cent to 13 per cent growth rates. That could mean “a loss of jobs and economic activity” in the area.

    “It would be quite difficult for some residents not to be concerned about what would happen to their properties and properties that are within walking distance,” he said.

    The council also rejected proposals by Cairns City Council to establish an economic development authority, to replace the Queensland Small Business Strategy and to provide money to local businesses. This, it said, would not be compatible with the council’s plan for local business planning.

    “These initiatives would impact on people who come to us all the time wanting to invest in property or to buy a property in the outer suburb area,” Mr O’Brien said. “It was suggested at the meeting that if they are in conflict with each other, that the council seek alternative funding sources.”

    The council also declined to approve changes to the Small Business Strategy, which would allow some smaller commercial activity to be established in the inner-west, but would only be done by the planning department, in order to protect existing businesses. “What we have to decide now is how long we want to tolerate this type of development,” Mr O’Brien said.

    Local business group

    Sex assault gets former priest longer jail stay

    By Jonathan D. Smith | Oct 23, 2017 | 10:31 am

    MILWAUKEE — The Rev. Steven Avery received a six-month sentence Thursday for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman in 2003 in Manitowoc County.

    Avery was convicted of a misdemeanor sexual battery in 2006 in what Manitowoc County Supreme Court Judge Kathleen Zellner called a “cruel mistake.” He was also sentenced last year to 14 months in prison for felony burglary in 2004.

    The woman told police Avery tried to rape her after a night on a boat in Lake County on March 26, 2003. A year later she told police she witnessed Avery enter an unlocked house in a wooded area near Avery’s house after she awoke to see him holding her cellphone. She said he took off and tried to reach her.

    She told police she did not know that Avery was a priest until a week before the sexual battery. Avery initially refused to appear in court despite a request from prosecutor Kathleen Zellner after the victim’s attorney testified she should.

    On Nov. 2, 2003 the Manitowoc County Circuit Court Judge sentenced Avery to seven months in jail for his conviction.

    On Jan. 9, 2007, he received a seven-month sentence for a misdemeanor sexual assault involving a woman who was 16 at the time and who also said she was 14. His prison sentence was reduced to 12 months after Zellner ordered another reduction to 10 months.

    Avery still must register as a sex offender for life after the conviction if he stays on probation.

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