Women are born rockstars. Your confidence should not be driven by your size or color or looks – but it is what you feel inside – just keep your head high, do what you feel is right and keep slaying.

We are Mayuri (L) and Suchitra (R). This blog has been started by us because we are best friends, we have seen each other at our absolute worst.. One of us is a mom, the other travels for work – we faced challenges and have found solutions/workarounds for each of the problems together… We are regular women, and we want to share our stories and hope it helps other women. We want to be your best friends soon! So let’s take all the lemons that life throws at us and host a grand margarita party

This blog is intended to guide you through five different aspects – Food, Beauty, Fashion, Travel/Thoughts and DIYs. Our goal behind each of our posts would be for you to take away something to be a neater version of yourself. We want you to know that we are here for you, and we want you to be there for us.